9 stone weight loss ‘I’m on my third wedding ring!’

As heard on The Ray D'Arcy Show

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I’m on my third wedding ring,” laughed 33-year-old Stephen Foley as he told Ray D’Arcy about the incredible 9 stone weight loss that changed his life.

“The first ring slid off probably after 3 months and then I borrowed one off my father, that went after another 3 months so last week we got the final wedding ring as we call it now…  When I was going to get weighed, I could kind of tell by how loose the ring was how much weight I’d lost!”

When asked what his motivation for dropping the pounds was, Stephen replied, “at the weight I was, I don’t think I would have been around too long”.  He said that he and his wife of three years, Maddy, want to start a family and he wants to be as fit and healthy as possible for their future.

Stephen first started putting on weight at the end of primary school and it became a vicious cycle as he was put off exercise by the bullying and abuse he received in changing rooms.

“It destroys your confidence and now I’m actually back in that same gym as a member now and the difference going into the changing rooms!”

Life is getting better and better for Stephen whose combination of Slimming World eating plans and regular workouts are allowing him to feel good and fulfil some lifelong dreams like being slim enough to fit into a rally car, although even at his new slim weight, he says “they’re a right squeeze!”  Looking back at the days before his radical overhaul, Stephen said,

“It’s hard to get up in the mornings, that’s being honest, and you don’t want to do anything.  You’re depressed, you’re not happy, you’re worried about your weight…  I wouldn’t have had the energy in work that I have now either.  Because I work in the parts department in the garage, there’s a lot of parts coming in now and there’s a lot of heavy lifting and moving and running up and down the stairs and running here and there.  The lads were telling me today there’s a little parts hatch I serve them out of and the joke is I’m actually able to hop through the parts hatch now, they were saying before you would have got stuck in it, this is the slagging that’s going on!”

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