Hollie McNish“I seem to be writing a lot of poems about the way things are shamed a lot.”

As heard on arena

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The award-winning English poet Hollie McNish has never been satisfied, it seems, with just publishing collections of poetry. She’s collaborated with other poets, she released an album in 2014 and she’s a renowned performance poet, selling out large venues and clocking up millions of views on YouTube. Hollie also, of course, publishes collections of poetry and she spoke to Seán Rocks on Arena about her latest collection – if that’s even the right …

Jody O'Neill“Autism is myriad things and myriad experiences.”

As heard on The Ray D'Arcy Show

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What happens when you’re diagnosed as autistic at the age of 39? For actor and writer Jody O’Neill, it changed everything. Jody told Ray D’Arcy that the diagnosis meant she navigated the world differently and it allowed her to stop being “a failed neurotypical person”:  “And stop trying to be this idea of what people – or what you perceive people expect you to be …

Dr Gwen Adshead“It’s possible to have a kind of radical empathy for people.”

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Dr Gwen Adshead described her work in Broadmoor, the secure psychiatric hospital where some of the UK’s most notorious criminals are detained, as sad, rather than scary. When people ask what she does, they often get outraged that she’s helping people who’ve committed appalling crimes, but Dr Adshead, a forensic psychiatrist and psychotherapist, told Oliver Callan – sitting in for Ryan Tubridy – that the aim of her …