Tom Hickey Tribute“He had the whole audience in his hand.”

As heard on arena

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Theatre in Ireland in the 1980s had three Toms the likes of which will not be seen again: Murphy, MacIntyre and Hickey. The two playwrights, Tom Murphy and Tom MacIntyre produced some of their finest work and, in actor Tom Hickey, had the definitive interpreter of that work. In 1983, Hickey starred in MacIntyre’s The Great Hunger and Murphy’s The Gigli Concert, both at the Abbey Theatre, both directed by Patrick Mason. Following the sad …

Liam Moore's Fire Truck“I was looking for something to do and keep me occupied, so I said I’d buy a fire truck.”

As heard on The Ray D'Arcy Show

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Liam Moore is, according to Ray D’Arcy, a big kid. And when you look at the image of Ladder 5211, the Seagrave Tiller fire truck sitting outside the IFSC in Dublin, you get an idea of just how big a kid he is. Liam bought the fire truck in an auction last December and it’s taken this long to get it to …

GunPlotEpisode 4 – Muzzy

As heard on Documentary On One

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Muzzy: Lies, spies, and betrayal led to the defining political scandal of modern Ireland. What happened to the truth? Questions still remain… GunPlot: A new 8-part podcast series and TV documentary from RTÉ. It’s October 1969 and the truth is becoming murky. A plan to buy weapons begins to come together. And a group of men go shopping for guns. But …