Pandemic Maternity“It was just torture having Pat outside the door.”

As heard on liveline

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It’s not easy under “normal” circumstances to get the news that a longed-for pregnancy may not be viable. Pandemic measures in maternity hospitals have created a whole new set of issues, like the physical separation of women from their partners at a time when they both need support. Joe Duffy heard stories of recent miscarriages from several women on today’s …

Alison Arngrim“I was more the child who would have been the victim of a Nellie Oleson!”

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Playing the role of Nellie Oleson was very liberating, as actor Alison Arngrim told Ryan Tubridy today. Alison, now 58, says she loved being TV’s original ‘mean girl’; who she played from the age of 12. Just how liberating it was to play the boldest child in the village only came out much later, long after  The Little House on …