Sexual Health Promotion“The ordinary romance they have mightn’t live up to this wonderful world, in their eyes, of pornography.”

As heard on liveline

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It’s not too long since poor Joe Duffy had to contemplate taking to the bed, such was the uproar among callers over sex scenes in the TV drama Normal People. Well, now the subject of human sexual relations has reared in beastly head again, as the Liveline lit up with people outraged over a leaflet from the HSE which seemingly encourages people to go online for their sexual activity. It all started …

Alastair Campbell“I hope that if people are out there who are struggling, that they don’t take as long as I did to face up to some of the things that you need to do.”

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Mental health has yet to achieve parity with physical health in terms of perception: there are still people and places where mental illness is considered a taboo, a stigma, a sign of weakness. But, of course, mental illness is just like physical illness – anyone can get it and it’s best to seek treatment advice from a medical professional. And, just like any other illness, …