Nitrous Oxide“He went out to get his hair cut and he never came home.”

As heard on liveline

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Recreational use of nitrous oxide – commonly known as laughing gas – has seemingly risen substantially during lockdown. Many people will have seen the small silver cannisters, which resemble bullets, lying on the ground after use. Mick Morrissey spoke to Joe Duffy on Wednesday’s Liveline about his son’s use of what is more commonly used as an anaesthetic in surgery and dentistry. Mick’s son Alex was just 15 when he …

Marguerite Penrose“It’s not good enough to presume everybody thinks you’re not a racist. That doesn’t work anymore.”

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Ryan Tubridy concluded what he called his “trilogy” of meeting “amazing young Irish people” on Wednesday, when he spoke to Marguerite Penrose (the other parts of the trilogy being musician Dave McCabe and boxer Kellie Harrington). Marguerite has dealt with many challenges in her life, including medical issues and racism. She has overcome her medical issues for the most part and now she’s taking on racism in Ireland. The phrase …