The Documentary on OneThe Long Run

As heard on Documentary On One

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The Long Run: It’s the morning of Feb 1st 2019 in the tiny Norwegian town of Roros. The temperature is minus 16 degrees. Roros is unfeasibly beautiful. The Disney film Frozen was set in this place. The rooves of its timber shops and little houses are covered with a perfect layer of snow. But this chocolate box beauty belies what’s …

Toppling History“People are focused on the future on one level, but sometimes that involves reinventing the past.””

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Historian Donal Fallon has the right phrase for any and everything Ryan Tubridy throws at him, even when it’s an existential enquiry like, “What is a statue?” Ryan opted to get to the bottom of the recent spate of statue-topplings that have sprung up following the worldwide Black Lives Matter protests. And he wanted to start the investigation at the …

The Isolated EarVoices from a Vanishing World

As heard on The Isolated Ear

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Voices from a Vanishing World (1991)   The producer of The Curious Ear documentary series, Ronan Kelly, has been sent a selection of clips by RTÉ Radio Archives to help ease the isolation. He’s sharing some of them with the RTÉ Radio 1 Highlights page.   For radio documentary-lovers, this is an extract from a classic, Voices from a Vanishing World. It …