André Leon Talley“Mrs Vreeland polished the soles of her shoes with a rhinoceros horn.”

As heard on arena

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Before he became the king of the front row, before he was the friend and confidante of Karl Lagerfeld, Diana Vreeland and Michelle Obama, André Leon Talley was a young boy being raised by his grandparents in North Carolina, going through the pages of Vogue magazine and dreaming. André told Kay Sheehy on Monday’s Arena what Vogue meant to him …

The Isolated EarBachelor of the Year 1980

As heard on The Isolated Ear

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Bachelor of the Year 1980   The producer of The Curious Ear documentary series, Ronan Kelly, has been sent a selection of clips by RTÉ Radio Archives to help ease the isolation. He’s sharing some of them with the RTÉ Radio 1 Highlights page.   This extract is from a 1985 edition of Liveline.  Back then, Liveline didn’t just feature phone calls …