Maternity Care“This is probably the biggest change in the Rotunda in the 275 years of our history.”

As heard on Today with Sarah McInerney

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What’s the busiest maternity hospital in Europe? What about the oldest maternity hospital in the world? The answer to both questions is the same: Dublin’s Rotunda Hospital. Everything has changed over the past three months and maternity services are no exceptions, as Evelyn O’Rourke found out when she visited the facility recently for Today with Sarah McInerney. “Amongst the many …

Miracle Cure“I was just like a baby in a pram. I had to be washed, fed, changed and moved.”

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Miracles: do they really happen? When something inexplicable occurs, when does it change from being something scientifically baffling to something miraculous? It probably depends on your faith, or lack thereof. Marion Carroll has faith in abundance. She told Oliver Callan – sitting in for Ryan Tubridy – on Wednesday how she went from bed-ridden young mother with a debilitating illness, …