Coronavirus School Closure“She’s not to go out. She can have contact for up to 15 minutes with others in the household, even though it’s not advised.”

As heard on liveline

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The Coronavirus outbreak shows no signs of slowing down and the news that there was a confirmed case of COVID-19 in Ireland last weekend has led to a secondary school in the east of the country closing for two weeks. Deirdre, a parent at the school, spoke to Damien O’Reilly on Liveline about her daughter, a pupil at the school, …

The Nobody ZoneEpisode 3. The Numbers Game

As heard on Documentary On One

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The Nobody Zone In a forgotten London underworld, a homeless Irishman kills multiple times without detection, unseen in a world where nobody seems to care. The Nobody Zone: a true crime series from RTÉ in Ireland and Third Ear in Denmark. Episode 3: The Numbers Game Why do claims of the number of Kieran Patrick Kelly’s past victims keep on …

Turtle Bunbury“They had this Venetian red pigment and with that they created – invented – the Redcoat.”

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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If you’ve ever wanted to know why the British armed forces wore red for much of the last four hundred years, keep reading. But the first thing Oliver Callan – sitting in for Ryan Tubridy – wanted to get out of the way when Turtle Bunbury came into studio, was, well, where his name comes from. Turns out Turtle is …