Mother-daughter duo Ann and Róisín Ingle on ghostwriting for a race driving legend‘She’s so beautiful, tall and glamorous… I was fascinated just listening to her’

As heard on The Ray D'Arcy Show

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“I don’t want to talk about that Róisín, I don’t want to have a critique,” laughed Ann Ingle on The Ray D’Arcy Show, in the way only a mother could talk to a daughter on live radio.  “It’s a praise, not a critique!” countered Roísín, speaking of her mother’s sparse writing style full of short sentences with “a lovely turn …

André Rieu and his orchestra‘We really play with our hearts’

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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“Every time when we come back from Ireland, I say this is the best audience of the whole world!”  Many say it, but Violinist and Maestro extraordinaire André Rieu means it.  “They are so witty.  We play on stage and they suck every note out of our instrument,” he told Ryan Tubridy, live from his hometown of Maastricht with the …

Imposter Syndrome‘They’re all trying to present this image because they’re terrified of what people might think, underneath.’

As heard on Today with Miriam

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Imposter syndrome – the feeling that we are incompetent at a task or a job we have been given – can strike at work or at home. But is it normal and how do we get on top of it? Miriam O’Callaghan sat down with a panel of experts to discuss the issue. GP and mental health specialist, Dr Harry …