Drake's new album, Scorpion“The guy can do no wrong.”

As heard on arena

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8Radio’s Simon Maher and Hotpress Magazine’s Róisín Dwyer dropped by the Arena studio to deliver their verdict on the much-discussed and debated new studio album from Canadian rapper Drake, entitled Scorpion. It’s Drake’s 5th album and has a whopping 25 tracks, with an A-side and B-side. But is it any good? Róisín reckons Drake is continuing a winner’s streak. “The guy can do nothing wrong since his first album in 2010, Thank Me Later, debuted at number 1 at the Billboard Top 100. Since …

Documentary on OneBlonde Hair, Blue Eyes

As heard on Documentary On One

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In October 2013, a blonde child with blue eyes was removed from a Roma camp in Greece by authorities and given the pseudonym ‘Maria’. The assumption was that the adults she was in the company of were not her parents but her abductors. Days later, two more children with blonde hair and blue eyes were taken into State care. This time, in …

Todd Fisher on his sister Carrie‘It was very difficult for Carrie to get out from underneath the shadow.’

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Todd Fisher grew up in a house that he affectionately refers to as the “Downton Abbey of Beverley Hills”. There was 4 staff for every occupant and 8 fridges, each set to a different temperature.  On a typical night, Todd might see Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton arguing in a stairwell. Or Jimmy Stewart begging his mother to sing a song. Todd Fisher joined Ryan Tubridy this morning to tell him …