CountrywideShear craic in County Offaly

As heard on Countrywide with Damien O'Reilly

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This week, Damien travels to the Potterton’s farm in Carbury, County Offaly, for the ‘shear’ craic. Godfrey was in the middle of the annual shearing of the wool from his flock of mule sheep (cross between Mayo Blackface and Blueface Leicester) and, both he and wife, Elizabeth, talked Damien through the process and story of wool. Countrywide with Damien O’Reilly, …

No public toilets in Dublin city centre‘You have to come in and buy two pints of beer to get a pee because you can’t get a pee anywhere!’ 

As heard on Today with Sean O'Rourke

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We’ve all seen the signs in shops, restaurants and bars telling us toilets are for customer use only, but when there’s only so long you can cross your legs for, where do you go when you’re out and about?  “There are now no public toilets in Dublin city centre,” Paddy O’Gorman told Richard Curran on The Today programme and he took …

Conflict Reporting‘Somewhere in that day, there’ll be a child waking up, getting injured like me, who will have to suffer like I did… that’s why I work’

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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On this morning’s show, Ryan Tubridy heard the extraordinary stories of two men whose life missions are to report on some of the world’s most extraordinary stories.  Ben Anderson is an author and Senior Correspondent at Vice and Giles Duley is a photographer and both have brought the world’s most poignant stories to our attention throughout their careers.  Ben spoke …