Changing Faith‘I always say my grandmother used to wear the veil going to church and if you look at all the statues of the Virgin Mary, she’s always wearing the veil as well. It’s a personal choice.’

As heard on The Marian Finucane Show

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With Meghan Markle converting to the Church of England in advance of her marriage to Prince Harry, talk on The Marian Finucane Show turned to changing faiths in modern day Ireland. Marian spoke with two former Catholics and former altar servers, Ian Kilroy and Ann Quinlan, who converted to Buddhism and Islam respectively, and Belfast-based Brett Lockhart who converted from …

Workplace apologies‘By constantly saying sorry, you come across as less powerful, more indecisive, more submissive.’

As heard on thebusiness

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Knowing when to say sorry is an essential life skill, especially in a professional environment. It marks us out as self-aware and willing to acknowledge our weaknesses. But should we use those “sorry”s wisely? Colette Sexton, News Correspondent with The Sunday Business Post and columnist with, joined Richard Curran on The Business. She thinks that, for some of us, sorry seems to be the hardest word not to say. Colette believes that the importance …