Performance Artist Amanda Coogan ‘It’s in my DNA. I was brought up by two wonderful deaf people, my parents. So Irish sign language is my first language’

As heard on arena

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Performance artist, Amanda Coogan has collaborated with the Dublin Theatre of the Deaf, for a much-anticipated show in this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival ‘Talk Real Fine, Just Like a Lady’.  Amanda joined Seán Rocks on Arena to explain where it all began. “Formally three years ago in 2014 we collaborated for Fringe 2014 and we played in the project with …

Kenneth Egan‘Thank God I had boxing, I had sport it was so important to me…if I didn’t have that….I wouldn’t be alive today’

As heard on The Ray D'Arcy Show

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“It’s okay not to be okay. If you’re struggling, pick up the phone and get help.” This is Olympic silver-medalist, politician and counsellor Kenneth Egan’s advice.  September is known as “Recovery Month”, a month to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and celebrate the people who recover. Ahead of a free talk he will be giving …

Where have all the men gone? ‘Everything’s harder alone.’

As heard on liveline

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There’s a scene in Rob Reiner’s classic rom-com, When Harry Met Sally, where, having observed the near-breakdown of their still-dating friend, Harry, the newly-married Marie (Carrie Fisher) and Jess (Bruno Kirby) are lying in their marital bed. “Tell me I’ll never have to be out there again,” she says to him. To which he replies, “you will never have to …