Gambling addiction‘When they gave out that card from the bookies, that’s when it escalated… Even a fly, he would back it on going to the wall’

As heard on liveline

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The card in question was a loyalty, or credit card, from one of the major bookies based in Ireland. The gambler in question was the former partner of Liveline caller, Siobhan, who finally came clean about his problem on July 1st last year. The couple are now separated. Coming clean about the problem is possibly an overstatement, inasmuch as he …

‘Apparently a kid in the states had a conversation with Alexa and ended up buying a massive order of cookies and a brand new doll house.’

As heard on thebusiness

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Voice activated technology is tipped to hit the mainstream in 2017, as products such as Amazon Echo (better known as Alexa) and Google Home grow in popularity. On this week’s edition of The Business, Richard Curran found out more about this emerging technology from Elaine Burke, Managing Editor of Silicon Republic. As Elaine explains, “It’s a little bit like Siri …

A story of suicide‘Did you wonder at all how much we’d cry, when you bolted the door without saying goodbye?’

As heard on Today with Sean O'Rourke

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Anyone who knew Anthony Doonan knew him as a fiercely intelligent, warm and loving young man who excelled at anything he put his mind to. But what many didn’t know, including his family, was that he suffered terribly from depression and was battling his own demons every single day. Anthony was just 29 years old when he took his life …