Friends Reunited‘In 1976 I was Miss Ireland and she was Miss India’

As heard on The Ryan Tubridy Show

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Reigniting friendships is a wonderful thing.

Ryan Tubridy spoke with Elaine O’Hara about a friendship of hers from 41 years ago which led to the trip of a lifetime in India.

Elaine competed as Miss Ireland in 1976 and one of her closest friends was Miss India.

“Because alphabetically we were beside each other all the time, we became good friends.”

After reconnecting on social media just a few months ago, Elaine received an invitation to travel to meet her friend at her daughter’s wedding in India, in the process reuniting with two more of the beauty pageant contestants from all those years ago.

“I’m just in love with India now… it’s the chaos I love.”

Hear the full heart warming story here.

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